March 29, 2017

Case Studies

In this section of our Cardiac Disability Site, you will find several examples of Heart Disease cases I have actually tried in court.  These cardiac case studies are as close as you can get to sitting in and watching me litigate a claim in a Social Security Hearing room. Each case study contains background information about the client and his/her disability, strategies taken to argue the case before a Judge, details regarding the actual hearing and testimonies, and case outcomes with related commentary.

I hope you find these case studies informative about disability claims arising from heart disease and ways in which heart disease disability claims can be handled before a Judge.  Remember, however, that all cases are different and that these case studies merely serve as examples of case strategies and outcomes. The circumstances of your claim may differ greatly from the ones of those listed here. Additionally, please feel free to use the Free Case Review form on this website for a free case evaluation.

Heart Disease Disability Case Study and Hearing Report 1 – 57 year old female post status triple bypass surgery and multiple catheterizations with an unusual complication called Barrett’s Esophagus

Heart Disease Disability Case Study and Hearing Report 2 – 51 year old male with congestive heart failure, diabetes and kidney problems

Heart Disease Disability Case Study and Hearing Report 3 – 42 year old male with diagnosed ventricular tachycardia resulting in syncope, dizziness, fatigue and vascular complications

Heart Disease Case Study #4 – 60 year old female with congestive heart failure, ejection fraction of 25-30%, significant medication side effects